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8 Tips for an Unforgettable Dinner Party

It’s cold, you moved to a new house, you and your friends are due for a reunion, you got new dinnerware, there are so many reasons to host a dinner party at your home! Before you start calling up your guests, take these 8 tips in to account to make your dinner party unforgettable and […]

Top 6 Tips to Make the Most Tips

Let’s get to it. You aren’t serving for the cute outfits and potential fried chicken smell. Make the most out of the #ServerLife with these top 5 tips told to us by seasoned veterans of Washington D.C.’s B.A.R.E. scene. Yeah this may seem obvious, but the second you greet your tables, the experience begins. The […]

Un poco sobre Dara H., gravy pro de Maryland

Nos sentamos con 11 años veterano de la barra, dara H., para saber más sobre por qué nuestros profesionales eligen gravy. ¿Cuándo trabajaste tu primer trabajo de hospitalidad con nosotros y por qué? Empecé en 2008 después de ver su anuncio en el periódico y realmente quería un trabajo que funcionara en torno a mi […]