Startup Of The Year x Gravy

Every year SXSW in Austin, Texas holds a competition for some of the most innovative and exciting startups in the nation. The winner gets the title of Startup of the year and becomes a Startup legend. Who is going to be there? Twenty-five incredible companies of high caliber performance including Gravy! Many of the companies …

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What is Saucepitality?

What is saucepitality? Simply put, saucepitality is Gravy’s secret sauce (shout out to sales guy Jeff for the name!). Gravy’s saucepitality is the reason why hotel and restaurant managers love us and why hospitality pros can’t stay off of the Gravy app. Gravy as able to do a complete redesign of the way that the …

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Bartenders make big tips

Top 6 Tips to Make Big Tips

Let’s get to it. You aren’t serving for the cute outfits and potential fried chicken smell. Make the most out of the #ServerLife with these top 5 tips to make big tips told to us by seasoned veterans of Washington D.C.’s B.A.R.E. scene. 1. Make a good first impression to make big tips. Yeah this …

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