Bartenders make big tips

Top 6 Tips to Make Big Tips

Let’s get to it. You aren’t serving for the cute outfits and potential fried chicken smell. Make the most out of the #ServerLife with these top 5 tips to make big tips told to us by seasoned veterans of Washington D.C.’s B.A.R.E. scene.

Socializing restaurant server

1. Make a good first impression to make big tips.

Yeah this may seem obvious, but the second you greet your tables, the experience begins. The more positive experience for your guests, the looser the wallets.

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2. Write a note on the check. 

Even a simple “Thank you!” will suffice…up the ante with smiley face ?! Seeing your handwriting so close to the tip box makes it personal.

3. Make the full meal (apps, entrée, dessert, drinks) feel like the typical thing to do. 

This one takes practice..or a really good poker face. The more your guests order, the more you’ll make big tips. Even if they do not order everything, you still offered them the full experience, which they will appreciate.

4. Do not, and I repeat DO NOT hover after giving the check.

They will smell your greediness. Give your guests some space while they decide the perfect tip amount. If they feel pressured to give you a big tip, you have now ruined the experience for them.

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5. Give compliments!!! 

Who do you know that doesn’t like a good compliment?! Compliment their hair, their t shirt, their necklace….stay away from features like eyes and smile (you do not want to get mistaken for hitting on them!) and don’t overdo it.


6. Just be a good server.

Serving can be challenging (believe me, I have my days that I want to rip my hair out and get a desk job!!), but nail down the basics. Know the menu, be efficient, and give meal updates if the kitchen is slammed.

You are now ready to take on that Friday night shift with confidence to make big tips! $$$ What are your best ways for earning the most tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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