Sanistaff disinfection service partnership

Fighting COVID-19 with Sanistaff’s Disinfection Service

This year, Gravy didn’t just adapt to COVID-19 – we fought COVID-19 with the help of our sister-company Sanistaff’s disinfection service! 

What is Sanistaff?

Sanistaff is a disinfection company serving homes and businesses in the metro-DC area. Their clients include private clubs, restaurants, hotels, and gyms. 

The founders of GravyWork created Sanistaff as they sought an answer to the question: How can we keep our staff employed in a pandemic environment? Sanistaff’s disinfection techs were selected from Gravy talent with experience in the hospitality industry. They were retrained in disinfection, learning how to use foggers and sprayers, identify high-touch areas, conduct tests to measure the presence of pathogens. 

Our techs at Sanistaff have performed hundreds of disinfections. They’ve formed relationships with businesses committed to protecting their employees and customers. Together, Gravy, Sanistaff, and these health-conscious businesses are creating a safer, more germ-free world!

Meet a Technician

Meet Larc, a Sanistaff technician. Larc has been working in the cleaning industry for about ten years. He carefully follows all safety procedures and guidelines, gearing up in full PPE before each disinfection service. “I’ve always taken my job seriously, especially after COVID started,” he stated in an interview with Tulu. “There is always pressure to make sure that I’m following all the correct procedures and guidelines, but I’m used to it.” 

Read more of Larc’s interview with Tulu here!

Why is Sanistaff’s Disinfection Service Important?

For Gravy, Sanistaff has provided a wonderful way to keep our hard-working talent employed. We’ve been striving all year to find opportunities for our talent in this challenging economy, and we’re proud to see that our efforts are paying off!

For our community, Sanistaff’s disinfection service has played a vital role in the reopening process. Quick access to disinfections has allowed many businesses to bounce back quickly from COVID-19 exposures. Furthermore, Sanistaff has been advising as many businesses as possible with tips to build a COVID-19 contingency plan so that they’ll know how to respond if one of their employees 

Are You Interested in Sanistaff’s Disinfection Services?

Sanistaff would love to help you keep your home or business safe! They offer one-time, weekly, and monthly disinfections, so whether you need an emergency disinfection after a COVID-19 exposure or you want to maintain a consistently clean environment, Sanistaff has a disinfection service for you. Call Sanistaff at 703-738-6469, or visit their website at www.sanistaff.com.