Client FAQ

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If you cancel the job more than 24 hours from the start, we will refund your deposit in full. Otherwise, we keep the entire deposit and share it with any workers who have been hired since they have already committed to working your job

All workers have the following background checks performed: Sex Offender Search, Current County Criminal Search, SSN Trace, Global Watchlist Search, National Criminal Search

If you have a need for an on-demand worker for a job not listed on our website, drop us a line and one of our sales representatives will be in touch. We can staff other jobs like warehouse workers, logistics, food processing.

Contact us immediately and we will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as we can.

We use Stripe’s secure payment platform for collecting and processing payments using your credit card. If you are a business and would prefer to have us invoice you, contact us and we can update your account so you can post a job without having a credit card on file.

Staff FAQ

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We strive to find and hire the most talented workers. We just want to spend a few minutes talking with you to learn more about your background and skills for the job(s) you are looking to work.

You’ll know at the end of the interview if we want to bring you on. If we decide that you have the right skills, we’ll make a conditional offer pending the the background check which can take anywhere from a few days to longer depending on several factors. Once the background check comes back as clear, the final step is to enroll in our payroll system. This doesn’t take long to complete but does require that you complete some payroll documents electronically. Once complete, you are all set to apply and work a job.

At this time, all of our workers are W2 employees. We handle all payroll taxes and unemployment insurance. You will receive a year end W2.

We run payroll weekly.