Seasonal Outsourcing Solution

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The current health crisis has temporarily halted guest worker programs like J1 and H2B visas. If your business relies on these programs, GravyWork can help. Our team recruits workers across the United States, sourcing candidates from economically depressed regions and high unemployment zones. Our workers agree to relocate for a specified term and perform their duties consistently at a high level of quality, exceed the expectation of their supervisors and manager, and return the following season for a repeat performance.


GravyWork SOS program. Our team actively recruits workers in other areas of the continental US. Areas with limited economic growth, higher unemployment, or off-season; rural Texas and Arizona during the summer/ Those workers agree to relocate for a specified time and perform the duties as outlined in the provided job description. Many of the workers return for subsequent seasons.

The program is currently successfully operating in Maine, Wyoming, and Florida with additional locations starting in Q2.

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