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Volume 4 | Our 3 Favorite Hospitality Gigs | 3 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Job Search | Hustle: Build your job performance

Our 3 Favorite Hospitality Gigs

Event Staff

Everyone loves a good concert, but ticket prices can be off-putting. This is one of the reasons event staff jobs are so popular – you can attend concerts, parties, and fairs while getting paid!


If you enjoy mixing drinks, then you’ll love bartending gigs! You’ll be serving drinks at cool venues, and getting great tips while you’re at it!

Banquet Serving

This is another position with the potential for great tips! Enjoy sleek, upbeat work environments while catering to guests’ needs.

Want to work cool gigs like these? Find them on the GravyWork app!

3 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Job Search

The old days of searching for “Help Wanted” signs in shop windows are drawing to a close. Technology has revolutionized the way companies hire, and by incorporating technology in your job search, you can improve your chances of finding a job that fits your unique needs and schedule!

We compiled a list of the top 3 ways you can enhance your job search from your mobile phone – check them out!

1. Employment Apps

Did you know that many employment apps can get you hired for jobs at companies you’ve never set foot in? These apps cut simplify application and hiring processes by matching your skills with companies’ needs. Since the apps have already verified your experience, the companies don’t need to interview you before hiring you!

For example, the GravyWork App will show you shifts for any job you are qualified for, such as bartender, chef, dishwasher, and event staff. You can accept these shifts with a tap and get hired instantly!

2. Company Research

Want to know whether a company is a good fit for you? Websites like Yelp and Glassdoor will show you testimonials from people who work there! You can find info on pay, perks, and company culture. These resources can be swiftly accessed through apps or through your mobile browser.

3. Networking

Many people find new opportunities by networking through people at companies where they want to work. This process used to involve strenuous in-person meetings, crowded networking events, and uncertain dress-codes. But not anymore!

With networking apps right on your phone, making connections has never been easier. Sites like LinkedIn allow you to message potential employers if you’ve connected with someone they’ve connected with. Some employers will even put networking tools, such as emails and phone numbers, right on their websites!

Hustle: Build Your Job Performance

What Does “HUSTLE” Look Like?

The key to being e a high performer in your hospitality job is to be a hard worker. Having the ability to work hard and hustle during your shifts is an essential yet very effective skill to showcase.

Hustle shows a higher level of commitment. It makes things easier for others which in turn helps your reputation as a worker. Everyone notices when you’re active and on-task – customers, managers, and coworkers will see your dedication. As a result, you may find that tips, bonuses, and other opportunities come your way!

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