5 summer jobs that pay well

5 Fun Summer Jobs & Events that Pay Well

Sunshine and gorgeous weather means that summer holidays are on the horizon! Special events and parties often accompany these warm months. Gatherings and will be happening all summer as people reconnect. Summer holidays also present a great way to get paid more money through summer jobs.

At GravyWork, we will help you find amazing summer jobs with good pay throughout the summertime. You can enjoy the sunshine and clear skies without the extra stress of job searching! Here are some possible summertime event opportunities for you to make great money this summer.

wedding hospitality gig

Wedding Gigs

Summers weddings are always a crowd-pleaser.

As COVID restrictions begin to lift, postponed weddings will come to fruition. A great aspect of weddings is the number of jobs that are needed to make the joyous occasion come to life. We can help you find gigs helping with set-up, clean-up and anywhere in between.

There are so many summer job options to choose from when it comes to working weddings. Whatever you choose, you’ll appreciate that extra change in your pocket!

Corporate event hospitality gig

Corporate Event Gigs

Zoom call after Zoom call has filled corporate life. Coworkers have not seen each other outside their computer screen for months. That is all about to change.

As the weather heats up, much of Corporate America will be venturing back to their offices. There is no better way to celebrate being back in the office than a corporate event. Much like summer weddings, corporate events will need servers, dishwashers, bar attendants and much more.

Many corporations use GravyWork to staff their events. If you sign up with our app, you’ll be able to cash in on these summer jobs!

mothers day fathers day event gig

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Celebrations

Families are ready to be together after being apart for so long. This summer, they will finally have the opportunity to reunite. That means Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations that could double as family reunions!

Although these events may not be as formal as corporate events or weddings, they will still need to be staffed. Family parties may need servers or caterers. They may also need people to help set up and clear up afterward. Holidays are a great time to earn more money, and Mother’s and Father’s Day are no exception.

Working with us will ensure you find the right opportunities and summer jobs. The summer will be a chance to get paid more with each event!

Labor day Memorial day event gig

Memorial Day and Labor Day Event Staff

Memorial Day and Labor Day represent the beginning and the end of summer. Memorial Day is widely considered the start of the summer. Children are finishing their school years. Graduations are happening and lake houses are starting to be occupied.

Labor Day is summer’s last hoorah. People view this holiday as the last chance to have summer fun before the cold weather begins to swoop in. After Labor Day, school begins and life returns to pre-summer normal.

During these holidays, people frequently host parties and other events, which means lots of summer jobs for you!

Memorial Day is a popular time to host high school and college graduation parties. These parties will need staff for setting up and cleaning up. So, they present the perfect opportunity for those looking for summer jobs!

Labor Day is a popular day for families to host a final summer event. Hosts want to enjoy this end-of-summer celebration with their loved ones, so they bring in staff to take care of behind-the-scenes cooking, bartending, and cleanup.

GravyWork can help you find gigs that fit your schedule for both of these popular summer holidays.

Fourth of July Event Gig

July 4th Gigs

Independence Day is the biggest summer holiday all across the nation!

Many people host parties on Independence Day. Since they were not able to do so last year, people will be keen to host big get-togethers with their friends and neighbors.

Fortunately for gig workers, Fourth of July parties often have extra clean-up and venue needs. If people are hosting at a pool, they may need a trained lifeguard to ensure everyone is safe. If they are hosting at their homes, there will be set-up and clean-up needs. Plenty of summer jobs are created by these events!

Recreational fireworks may also be an attraction at Fourth of July parties. Parties that include fireworks call for additional set up and clean up for those comfortable working in the vicinity of fireworks.

People love to celebrate the Fourth of July. GravyWork is here to help deliver all the opportunities that those celebrations bring.

Start Working Summer Jobs

This summer will bring people together as the pandemic winds down. It will finally become safe to be with one another again. People will reconnect during parties and events.

As the events start pouring in, you can work with us to find awesome, high-paying summer jobs. GravyWork can help you find fun event jobs that work for you and your schedule.

This summer, get paid more with GravyWork. Apply today!