Announcing No-Cost Hospitality Training for Gravy Work team members

More than a month into the Covid-driven shutdown of the hospitality market, one thing is certain: none of us signed up for this. But here we are, and despite the very real blows to our industry I still believe we can come out of this crisis stronger than we were before.

One way we can all grow stronger is to take advantage of this time to expand our skills. At Gravy Work, we’re all about finding new ways to help customers and workers learn, develop, and grow. And over the past few weeks, our team has been focused on delivering those opportunities right to your (virtual) doorstep.

That’s why I’m so proud to announce a new partnership between Gravy Work and Typsy, the leader in online hospitality training!

From now until September 30, 2020, Gravy Work team members and customers will have free access to Typsy’s extensive online learning courses. As part of this program, Gravy Work customers and team members can: 

  • Watch over 700 bite-sized videos
  • Earn micro-credentials
  • Complete quizzes
  • Gain certificates
  • Download valuable resources. 
  • Film your own lessons to share with Typsy’s global community.

Go to https://info.typsy.com/gravywork-covid-support-plan now to get started!

At Gravy Work, our sole focus is on hospitality, which means your wellbeing and success is integral to ours. And while changes to the industry we all know, love, and rely on are inevitable, we’re right here with you, navigating them together. 

I truly believe that we can all dig deep, grow stronger, and get a little smarter during this challenging time. And I truly believe we’ll come out the other side better for it. Thanks for being part of our team, now more than ever.


Alex Atwood, CEO/Founder, Gravy Work