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5 Great Reasons to Work Hospitality Jobs

The freelance and gig economy is rapidly growing around the world. Studies show that not only are the majority of young professionals working in a freelance capacity, but that most people will be operating in a similar way by 2027. Within this sector, there is an explosion of people working hospitality jobs where they enjoy flexible and diverse roles.

Rather than the standard 9-5 desk job where things get monotonous all too quickly, working gig jobs allows greater freedom for you to take control of the way you work.

We compiled a list of the top five reasons you should be working hospitality jobs – Take a look!

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1. Control Your Earnings

The gig life enables people to take control of their earnings and decide when, where, and how much they want to make. As such, working in the hospitality industry allows you to dictate how much you’d like to earn.

Many hospitality workers work full-time as there is almost no end to the jobs available. However, if you don’t want or need full-time work, you can pick & choose gigs that work for you.

You can even schedule jobs around an existing 9-5 if you want to earn a little extra to boost your income. It’s all up to you!

Socializing restaurant server

2. Social Life

Many people find it difficult to balance work and home life. Too much work and they never get to go out and meet new people or see friends. On the other hand, too much time at home means they won’t be able to afford to.

Hospitality works differently from most industries: You are expected to socialize with customers and colleagues!

The way you become a part of a social event is important because guests want to have a good time and you are a part of that atmosphere.

Best of all, you get to be social while earning money! It’s experiences like this which are exactly why you will love hospitality jobs.


3. Explore a Variety of Interesting Roles

One of the best benefits of hospitality jobs is the opportunity to learn a variety of new skills and roles.

For example, you could be in the kitchen one night and in front of the bar the next. Maybe you will even be a part of the team coordinating the activity! 

If you like to learn new things and meet new people, try out as many different roles as possible!

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4. Transferable Skills 

Following the last point, you gain invaluable skills and experience on the job that can help you develop your chosen career over time. Skills like sociability, ability to work in fast-paced environments, and attention to detail are very important to many employers.

91% of companies prefer for new hires to have experience! As you build your career, picking up skills in the gig industry can make a huge difference to potential employers!

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5. There Is Always More Work Available

Businesses in the hospitality industry are always in need of fresh new faces. Since so many employers are looking for hospitality workers, you’ll find plenty of jobs with excellent pay!

Hotels, restaurants, and event venues are all searching for additional staff. Some of them are providing benefits like signing bonuses and overtime pay to gig workers!

Stepping into a new environment may be daunting at first, but you can check out our blog for plenty of helpful guidance on the industry and how to thrive there.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Working Hospitality Jobs!

Hospitality jobs in the gig economy allow you to control your earnings, have a social life, and explore a variety of interesting roles, keeping things fresh. Moreover, the skills you learn are transferable to other careers. Finally, there’s never a shortage of jobs. In fact, at the time of this article, there is a shortage of workers, making it a worker’s market.

If you would like to learn more about hospitality jobs, why not dive right in by joining the team!