How to perform well in a fast pace environment

Those who have been in hospitality know the fast-paced nature that takes place while working. This pace may be hard to deal with when starting or trying to learn the ropes of a new job in the industry. Many people must take the time to learn the ropes of a new position or type of job. As hospitality pros, we’ve seen what the best do to perform well at their jobs. Here are some tips for performing well in a fast-paced work environment:

Set Self-Goals

Pushing oneself in hospitality positions is critical. If you happen to be a server, set personal goals for how many tables you can serve within a given period. Start counting the people that you help per night. For chefs and sous chefs, this may be getting a certain amount of plated meals out to the restaurant or great room in a certain amount of time. Hustling to get food cooked prepped, and completed for guests is essential. Dishwashers can also use a mentality of metric based performance to perform well in their positions. Often dishes can be stacked at your station overwhelmingly, however; if you can create self-made deadlines for yourself of when the dish pile should be completed, you will perform at a higher level.

Heavy Communication

When things are moving quickly on a particular day, heavy communication with co-workers can be an enormous help. The difference between missing a guests place setting, missing food calculations, etc. depends on communication. Make sure when you are going over an event or job details with your boss or given a supervisor that you fully understand what needs to happen, how it needs to happen, and why.

Create Efficient Systems

An excellent tip to help one get to know a specific venue or job is to create a system for yourself at how you do your job. Being able to get a task down repeatedly can be an excellent way to learn quickly and outperform others. When someone creates a system that works well, others may follow that system as well. The more you can be efficient, the more likely you are to move up or get more shifts.


One last tip to be a high performer in your hospitality job is to be a hard worker. Having the ability to work hard and hustle during your shifts is an essential yet very effective skill to showcase. Hustle shows a higher level of commitment. It makes things easier for others which in turn helps your reputation as a worker.

Follow these tips, and it could be the difference between more tips, a raise, or both. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make money and put your hospitality skills to the test, make sure to download the Gravy Work app!