‘Startup of the Year’ in New Orleans Is A Game Changer for New Tech Companies

Startup of the year.

A competition to sort out the most innovative start-ups in the country. 1 year long. 100 companies. $100K prize. Phenomenal networking. Fantastic opportunities for the winner.

In early March, Gravy went to SXSW to pitch at Start-Up of the Year. The results of the event in and of itself were uncanny to us. We met so many new people, companies, and leaders; it was incredibly exciting to be a part of that event! The people on the StartUp of the Year team and Established team were terrific! We are now taking our next step with Startup of the year at New Orleans!

That’s right! We are pitching in New Orleans on the 30th of April! Gravy is humbled to be given another opportunity to be a part of this remarkable series of events. There will also be almost 35+ other companies at this specific event as well! Check them out here: https://www.startupofyear.com/innoconf-startup-night-2019

We have also been nominated for the people’s choice award for this startup of the year event! Now you have a chance to put in your two cents and give us (or another startup) a vote for this award! Check this link out to send your vote: https://www.startupofyear.com/people-s-choice

We learned at the last event that there also a couple of really awesome things that stood out to us. Here is what you need to look out for at Startup of the Year New Orleans edition!

Booths –

There are booths with exciting displays and fresh promotional products! We loved hanging out there and meeting all the other companies.

The people! –

All of the people involved are what truly makes these events amazing! There are all kinds of entrepreneurs, product builders, designers, etc. hanging around and networking. It really is the event to be at for anything creative or business related!


There is always awesome energy when a bunch of ideas and people come together to celebrate or network with each other. Startup of the Year embodies this idea at its core. The energy around being with different ideas and innovations is fantastic.

We look forward to pitching again this year and thank Startup of the Year for the opportunity!

New Orleans here we come!