Navigating the World of Temp Concession Workers: Finding the Right Fit for Your Event

Hosting a successful event at your stadium or large venue requires a coordinated effort from various departments, and the role of concession workers is paramount in ensuring a positive experience for attendees. Whether it’s a thrilling sports game, a live concert, or an exciting festival, the efficiency and customer service provided by concession workers can make or break the event. In this blog post, we’ll guide stadium general managers and food and beverage directors through the process of hiring temporary concession workers, from finding the right candidates to crafting an appealing job description and identifying the key qualities to look for.

Where to Find Concession Staff:

Transitioning smoothly from planning to execution means having a reliable team in place. When it comes to hiring temp concession workers, you have a few options to explore:

  • Local Job Boards: Post your job openings on local job boards or event-specific platforms. This ensures you attract candidates who are already familiar with the event culture and vibe.
  • Social Media: Leverage the power of social media to reach a wider audience. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow you to showcase your event and its unique aspects, attracting candidates who share your enthusiasm.
  • Event Staffing Agencies: Partnering with event staffing agencies can take a load off your shoulders. These agencies specialize in sourcing, screening, and providing trained staff for various event roles, including concessions.
  • GravyWork: A game-changer in the event staffing realm, GravyWork connects you with a pool of pre-vetted, experienced event workers. Its streamlined process ensures you find the right staff for your event quickly and efficiently.

Crafting a Compelling Job Description:

When writing a job description that stands out, remember that clarity and enthusiasm are key. Use an active voice to showcase your excitement about the event. Here are some tips:

  • Title: Start with a title that accurately reflects the role and the event, such as “Concession Stand Worker for Summer Festival”
  • Wage: Be sure to include the hourly pay that is offered.
  • Responsibilities: Clearly outline the tasks and duties involved, from preparing and serving food and beverages to providing exceptional customer service. Be sure to highlight if they need cashiering skills or any other skills to effectively complete their duties.
  • Event Details: Describe the event, its significance, and what makes it unique. This paints a vivid picture and attracts candidates who share your passion.
  • Perks: Highlight any benefits, such as free event access, a dynamic work environment, and the chance to be part of something extraordinary.
  • Qualifications: Be specific about the skills you’re looking for, such as communication, multitasking, and a friendly demeanor.

Qualities to Look for in a Temp Concession Worker:

Identifying the right qualities in your temp concession workers is crucial for a seamless event experience. Keep an eye out for these traits:

  • Adaptability: Events can be fast-paced and unpredictable. Look for candidates who can handle changing situations with grace and efficiency.
  • Customer-Focused: Concession workers are the face of your event’s hospitality. Prioritize candidates who genuinely enjoy interacting with attendees and are committed to delivering top-notch service.
  • Team Player: A collaborative spirit is essential in a bustling event environment. Seek individuals who can work harmoniously with other staff members to ensure operations run smoothly.
  • Attention to Detail: From accurately processing transactions to preparing orders with precision, candidates who pay attention to detail help maintain high standards.

As you gear up for your next stadium event, remember that the right temp concession workers can elevate the attendee experience and contribute to the overall success of the occasion. By strategically sourcing candidates, crafting an enticing job description, and focusing on essential qualities, you’re well on your way to assembling a dedicated and efficient team. Whether you explore local avenues, social media, or innovative platforms like GravyWork, these tips will help you find rockstar staff to make your event a success! 

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