Orlando & Tampa Rank Among the Top 10 Metros for the Gig Economy

Orlando & Tampa Rank Among the Top 10 Metros for the Gig Economy

Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that unemployment has remained relatively stable at 3.5% and the labor market continues to grow with over 250,000 new jobs added. Despite the low unemployment rates and growing job market, the gig economy shows no signs of slowing. In fact, it’s estimated that independent contractors or gig workers could represent as much as 15% of the total workforce.

A recent study published by CommercialSearch highlighted the best US metros for the gig economy. It comes as no surprise that both Orlando and Tampa (two of the metros that GravyWork is proud to serve) have secured their positions among the top 10! In this post we’ll explore the reasons behind their success along with other notable cities that made the list including Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Nashville. Let’s dive in! 

Orlando: A Dynamic Gig Economy Destination 

Known for its enchanting theme parks and tourism industry, Orlando has become a hotbed for gig workers. With its thriving hospitality sector, the city offers a multitude of opportunities for those seeking flexible work arrangements. Orlando ranks impressively at number 5 on the list of best US metros for the gig economy partly due to the fact that the metro showed a large increase in the number of nonemployer establishments. 

Tampa: Embracing the Gig Economy Wave

Nestled along Florida’s picturesque Gulf Coast, Tampa has established itself as a thriving destination for gig economy enthusiasts. The city’s diverse job market and business-friendly environment have contributed to its ranking at an impressive number 4 on the list of best US metros for gig workers.

Tampa’s gig economy is driven by various sectors, including healthcare, technology, and creative industries. The city boasts a wealth of opportunities for freelancers, independent contractors, and part-time workers, ensuring a steady flow of gigs across various professions.

Jacksonville and Atlanta: Making Their Mark

Not far from Orlando, Jacksonville secures its position at number 6 on the list. The city’s robust gig economy is fueled by its vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, with numerous startups and small businesses offering flexible work arrangements. Gig workers in Jacksonville can find opportunities in sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Further up the list, we find Atlanta, the bustling capital of Georgia. Ranked at number 10, Atlanta’s gig economy flourishes through its vibrant arts and entertainment scene, as well as its booming tech industry. The city’s gig workers enjoy a diverse range of opportunities, from event staffing to freelance writing and design.

Nashville: A Music City with Gig Opportunities

Known as the Music City, Nashville strikes a chord not only with music enthusiasts but also with gig workers. Ranking an impressive number 2 on the list of best US metros for the gig economy, Nashville offers a harmonious blend of gigs across various industries.

The city’s thriving healthcare sector, coupled with its vibrant tourism and hospitality industries, ensures a steady stream of opportunities for gig workers. From temporary nursing positions to event staffing for live music events, Nashville’s gig economy continues to thrive.

As the gig economy continues to reshape the way we work, cities like Orlando and Tampa have emerged as prime destinations for gig workers seeking flexibility and economic opportunities. With their robust job markets, diverse sectors, and supportive ecosystems, these cities provide an ideal environment for those embracing the gig lifestyle. Meanwhile, cities like Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Nashville also showcase their prowess in creating gig-friendly environments, offering a plethora of opportunities for workers in various industries.

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