What's new with gravywork?

What’s New with GravyWork: Important Changes You Need to Know

At GravyWork, we provide on-demand staff to a variety of industries. Our easy-to-use app makes finding the right staff (and finding the right gig) easy!

For over 15 years, we have been providing staffing to the hospitality industry. Now, we’re bringing our trusted, skilled staff to more and more industries! We’re excited to provide new opportunities for our team and on-demand staff for businesses in need.

We’re more than just a website or an app. We connect people together to find the work they need. 2020 was a tough year, and many people are seeking new employment and new employees. Now is the time to use our services and see how we can help change your life.

To better serve our clients and team members, we’ve revamped our look. With our new and improved website and updated branding, we aim to grow our community even more. Our work aims to help people everywhere, and with our new changes, we hope to bring our services to a variety of new places. Check it out!

Our New Website

Our website has always been a safe space where both employers and prospective team members can find what they’re looking for. Now, our website features happy clients and team members so users can see our success. Our new website also highlights our industry expansion. We now hire for industries such as:

  • Driving.
  • Warehouse & distribution.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Retail.
  • Hospitality.
  • Moving.
  • General labor.
  • Special events.
  • Construction.
  • Private events.

Adding these industries to our hiring list allows us to help even more businesses and workers. With so many people looking for work in these fields, our clients are bound to find the right team members for them. Time is of the essence, and we want people to find work quickly. We also want our clients to be able to hire quickly. Putting these elements hand in hand makes the magic happen.

The Private Events tab in our new navigation bar makes it easy for companies to find workers for a variety of events. Many people host events that don’t fall into any of our industry categories, which is why we created this feature. Now, anyone hosting any kind of event can use us to find the help they need. Hosting a private event has never been so easy!

Overall, our website has a brighter, more open persona after making these changes. Workers and employers alike will be able to find the tools they need, while looking at our eye-catching branding features.


Our brand has taken on a whole new look! White, green, gray, blue, pink and purple are the main colors behind our rebranding. We believe these colors encompass the kind of work we do. We strive to be client-oriented and team-oriented by providing a visually-pleasing and friendly branding style.

We are professional, reliable, friendly and upbeat. The goal for our branding is to get who we are across to our target audience without screaming it. Being subtle and humble are great qualities to have in the workforce, so we strive to encompass those elements into who we are.

Our Community

Our community has expanded farther than just the hospitality industry. For any hourly professionals looking for new opportunities, people who need supplemental income, people with busy schedules who need flexibility or anyone looking for hourly work, we’re here to help you.

We also serve employers looking for hard-working team members. The changes we’ve made aim to grab the attention of employers and prospective employees, easily showing them how our services work. With our website and our app, using our services is easier than ever.

After plugging in key information and pinpointing what industries you’re looking for, receive personalized results on who’s hiring and who’s available for work. Then, you can find the perfect employer or team member.

Our Mission Statement

Trusted. Reliable. Flexible. GravyWork is a tech-enabled on-demand staffing platform. We are changing the traditional norms of employment. Employers gain instant access to highly qualified, short-term workers. GravyWork team members enjoy a schedule that fits their lifestyle; choosing what, when and where they want to work.

Check Out GravyWork!

Like what you’re hearing? Check out our website to see it for yourself. Our platform makes finding work and team members as easy as possible. We’re connecting employers with the right employees every single day, and that’s what makes us happy.

Many of our clients have seen success and continue to use our services! If you’re looking for work, or are an employer looking for workers, give GravyWork a try – you won’t be disappointed!