A little bit about Dara H., Gravy pro from Maryland

We sat down with 11 year bartending veteran, Dara H., to find out more about why our pros choose Gravy.

When did you work your first hospitality job with us and why?

I got started in 2008 after seeing your newspaper ad and I really wanted a job that would work around my main job. I work 9-5 as a Hiring Manager, but I really wanted something that allowed me to interact with people even more and get me out from behind a desk. My first job was bartending at the Marriot Hotel and I have been Gravying 2-3 times per week ever since.

What are your favorite types of jobs from the Gravy app?

Definitely bartending at major events. Last New Years Eve, I bartended at the Hyatt and it was so much fun! It was such a beautiful event and working at major events like that feels very rewarding.

What are you doing when you aren’t picking up shifts with Gravy?

I went to college for Music Theory with a minor in Psychology and music has always been a passion of mine. I play guitar and am a singer/songwriter. Tracy Chapman and Alanis Morissette are two of my biggest influences.

What do you like most about Gravy?

The community. Everyone who works in their main office knows my name. I love working shifts with other people from Gravy and being able to create my own schedule. Any other part time job would require me to work set hours, but with Gravy, if I want a weekend off, I don’t have to tell anyone.