Creating Opportunities for Displaced Gig Workers

GravyWork’s Impact on Displaced Gig Workers

COVID-19 brought forth a lot of shifts for the workforce. With our nation and world finding itself
in the throes of the pandemic, many found themselves unemployed. Now, thanks to the vaccine
rollouts, things appear to slowly but surely be returning to normalcy. GravyWork continues to
help with that transition by getting workers readjusted to the workforce at their own pace.

GravyWork in a Nutshell

GravyWork helps find work for gig workers. Offering flexibility,
GravyWork allows its team members to work within their schedules. They partner with clients to
deliver part-time, full-time and temp-to-permanent positions. GravyWork excels at helping
workers reenter the workforce or shift careers at a pace suitable for them.

GravyWork originally began its journey by offering opportunities in the hospitality industry. After
finding success in those markets, they gradually expanded to help their team members find
opportunities in a host of industries.

Current industries GravyWork shepherds the right candidates toward include warehouse and
distribution, manufacturing, retail, special events, general labor, driving and delivery,
construction and, of course, hospitality.

This expansion into a greater number of industries came from the need to help displaced
workers find gigs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As more and more people found themselves
out of work, GravyWork stepped up to expand its team and pinpoint stable job prospects for its

Helping Displaced Workers

Industries across the economic landscape felt the impacts of the coronavirus. Waiters and
waitresses, bartenders, retail workers and workers from many other industries found themselves
out of work. However, in recent months, the light at the end of the tunnel has grown larger, as
we’ve begun to see signs of economic recovery. Now, many of those previously employed are
seeking employment outside of their original industry.

To help displaced workers seek a more suitable career path, GravyWork started building
relationships with clients outside of the hospitality industry. By offering a variety of employment
opportunities in several different industries, GravyWork can help a larger group find fulfilling

As workers trickle back into the workforce, GravyWork gives them the ability to do so at their
own speed, pace and preferences. Team members report a 95 percent job satisfaction rate.
And whenever a teammate desires a switch, the process is easy and quick.

Easing back into the workforce can be an overwhelming endeavor for displaced workers. Many
of them are looking to pivot away from their prior field and be on different working hours.
GravyWork helps these workers find employment that makes them feel comfortable.

GravyWork gives its team new training and new skills to take with them wherever they go. With
these new skills in their repertoire, our team members can go out into the world with confidence
and competency.

Helping Businesses Recover

Just as the workforce felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all sorts did as
well. That is also one of the reasons why GravyWork decided to branch out into different
industries other than hospitality. As businesses begin to reopen, they need workers to fill vacant
positions. You see, GravyWork saw a need and was eager to fill it, and by doing so, they’re
delivering immense value to employees and employers alike.

By offering no-commitment staffing services, employers can fill vacancies in their staff during a
pinch or for long-term employment. Traditional temp agencies work at a snail’s pace. And let’s
face it: Today’s rapid-fire world doesn’t allow for a long, drawn-out job placement process. By
the time a traditional temp agency finds the appropriate staff to fill their client’s vacant
employment position, the client has undoubtedly missed out on lucrative opportunities.

GravyWork understands that lost time does anything but create a win-win situation. Using a
convenient and efficient dashboard, GravyWork possesses the tools to fill a position within 24
hours after a client posts a listing. In fact, GravyWork fills these openings within 24 hours 92
percent of the time. This immediate connection rate helps employers continue with a full staff so
that they do not miss out on any opportunities or fall behind.

GravyWork understands the importance of plugging the right people into the right roles. With a
team consisting of over eight thousand members, GravyWork is always on a mission to find a
well-suited candidate for each and every job. Their team members are experienced,
professional and thoroughly vetted to ensure satisfaction.

Commitment-free staffing also helps businesses shift with changes in demands. As the
business cycle ebbs and flows, many clients find that traditional hiring methods slow them
down. It can be difficult to retain an experienced staff when you need to constantly bring them
aboard and set them aside. GravyWork’s team thrives with these fluctuations because it offers
them flexibility.

So when a job ends, GravyWork retains teammates by finding them available work elsewhere.
And when you have staffing needs down the road, you’re able to enlist the help of those same

GravyWork eagerly wishes to help the world's economy reopen, and becoming a client takes no
time at all. With more than 800 clients, GravyWork allows businesses to join with confidence.


In addition to the many industries GravyWork is helping to reinvigorate with quality candidates,
they’ve also launched a sanitation service. It’s called SANISTAFF, and it offers professional
disinfection and deep cleaning services. Sanitation has never been more desired. No matter the
industry, one thing is for sure: Customers, clients and workers want to know they’re entering a
safe environment wherever they go.

Whether you’re looking for weekly or monthly disinfections, SANISTAFF offers routine deep
cleaning services for any business environment. They’ll help you set a disinfection schedule to
help you reopen your business and keep it that way.

You’ll be safe in the knowledge that SANISTAFF will leave your workplace safer than before.
SANISTAFF uses certified organic cleaning products for a healthy, non-toxic cleaning. The EPA
has declared that these organic disinfectants kill the COVID-19 virus.

And once you get a deep clean from SANISTAFF, you’ll receive free Adenosine Triphosphate
(ATP) testing to prove the absolute elimination of bacteria and viruses. From here, SANISTAFF
gives you an official Cleanscore rating and certificate, proving to everyone who enters your
workplace that you keep a clean and safe environment.

Much like its sister company GravyWork, SANISTAFF began servicing businesses in the
hospitality industry. The combination of 15 years of hospitality staffing experience allowed
SANISTAFF to clean restaurants, private clubs and hotels to a more-than-satisfactory standard.

Not Just Hospitality

Working in tandem, SANISTAFF and GravyWork have branched out to serve additional
industries. Just to name a few, they include retail shops, gyms, residential spaces, offices,
schools, medical facilities, spas, restaurants, clubs and hotels.

Keeping Their Promise to Help Displaced Workers

As the sanitation industry grows, SANISTAFF brings aboard even more displaced workers by
offering professional training and sanitation certification. Extending a helping hand to displaced
workers in the Washington D.C. area, the founders of GravyWork and SANISTAFF remain
committed to helping displaced workers reenter the workforce.

Given the updated sanitation requirements across industries, SANISTAFF helps businesses
adapt to a changing world. This allows businesses to open their doors in confidence by creating
safe and clean environments.

Thoroughly sanitized businesses reopen with confidence while also adhering to any legal
regulations. This way, customers, clients and employees can return safely. As more businesses
reopen, SANISTAFF is here to ensure that their doors stay open. This means that SANISTAFF
needs to continue growing its team. The larger their team, the more effective they are at
keeping businesses and their customers safe.

If you own a home or operate a business in or near America’s capital, now more than ever,
cleanliness is a top priority. Book a disinfection with SANISTAFF today. You’ll enjoy a no-risk
deep cleaning experience carried out by certified staff.

Make GravyWork for You

Finding a new place for yourself in today’s rapidly changing job market can seem difficult. The
stability of yesterday is no longer a sure thing. Economic uncertainty is a major disruptor for
those seeking direction and trying to stay the course when you expect the bottom to fall out at
any moment.

GravyWork offers an antidote to the confusion and instability for workers on both sides of the
board. Businesses allied with GravyWork receive access to a stable workforce at their fingertips.
This empowers them to bring aboard the staff they need for the period of time they need them.

And speaking of empowerment, GravyWork affords workers the opportunity to work within their
own schedules for maximum balance. GravyWork steers team members toward work that not
only fits their skill set, but that they derive personal satisfaction from. Every job offers new skills
and experiences that team members will be able to draw upon for the rest of their lives.

As the pandemic continues to cast doubt on our economic outlook, GravyWork allows those
most affected to finally regain their feet. If you need work and have a desire to explore, drive to
succeed and willingness to learn, apply today to join GravyWork’s team. Stop sitting on the
sidelines and get your autonomy back. Find your confidence through competence.