the classic eggnog

Holiday Inspired Cocktail: The Classic Eggnog | Shift Magazine, Vol. 8

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Volume 8 | Certified & Serving | Holiday Inspired Cocktail: The Classic Eggnog | Introducing the New GravyWork 2.0! | Did You Know?

Certified & Serving

Let’s be real, it can be stressful working a new job without any prior experience. I remember on my first day as a server spilling a tray full of drinks right in front of a customer. I would have loved to have a training course to walk me through the do’s and don’ts of serving.


Gravywork offers more than a certificate to hang on your wall, they provide a service where people have the opportunity to gain new skills through training. This opens up the possibility to take new jobs that you might not have taken before.

Come in to train as banquet servers and leave with a solid foundation to also take shifts as a busser, food runner, restaurant server. Throughout the training, you are guided through the entire process of an event in a practical way, in addition to informational material given to you for review.

You will also be advised on how to correctly use the GravyWork platform. With the recent launch of GravyWork 2.0, you can learn how to master the app and your financial freedom!


These training sessions are held every Saturday at Gravywork HQ at 9 AM!

New & Active Gravyworkers can ask to add Banquet Server to their profile, and will receive an invitation to the training. Send us a photo with your uniform, and we will activate your new skill on your profile.

the classic eggnog

Holiday Inspired Cocktail: The Classic Eggnog

The holiday season is approaching fast folks! Looking back at this year, it was unhinged to say the least. But we made it didn’t we? I say we drink to that.

If you’re looking for a seasonal drink to serve at your next event or a warm friend to spend your winter nights with (hey! we don’t judge), consider the classic Eggnog cocktail.

What is Eggnog?

I have gone my whole life without needing, or wanting, to know what EggNog is. I have come to find that this drink is either your mortal enemy or you drink it straight from the carton. All Eggnog really is is a mixture of beaten egg yolk, milk, spices, and cream. Leave as is or pick your poison of either whiskey or rum and enjoy!


2 cups of milk

½ tsp of ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, and vanilla extract

6 large egg yolks

½ cup of granulated sugar

1 cup of heavy cream

1 cup of liquor


Start by heating up your saucepan on low heat; combine milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla; and bring that to a low boil.

While that gets going, in a large bowl whisk together your egg yolks and sugar until your eggs are a pale yellow. Slowly add the milk mixture to your egg yolks in small batches to not scramble your eggs.

Once combined, return it to the saucepan and cook it over medium heat until it’s slightly thick

Take your nog off the heat, add in heavy cream and your liquor of choice, and refrigerate until chilled

You, my friend, have just made EggNog.

Seems simple enough. Give this recipe a try with your partner, roommates, or even cats (they may not be helpful, but they sure are cute). Even if you don’t drink it, this recipe doubles as a great way to make your kitchen smell like holiday joy. I hope you enjoy this winter season, or at the very least enjoy your whiskey!

What's New With GravyWork?

There have been a lot of exciting things in the world of GravyWork. We are thrilled to announce the all new GravyWork 2.0! Our intuitive app gives you even greater control over your financial freedom. We have made many new improvements to help you take shifts with ease. You have to check it out for yourself! It’s now available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Did You Know?

Around 36% of US workers participate in the gig economy as either their primary or secondary source of income. That equates to around 59 million Americans who work independently and is expected to grow to 10% by 2025. Many people join the gig economy as a way to find their perfect work-life balance and achieve flexibility in their work. So, be the pioneers of this fast growing market and get giggy with it 🕺

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