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The Insane Origins of the Long Island Iced Tea | Shift Magazine, Vol. 6

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Volume 6 | TalentTrivia | The History of the Long Island Iced Tea | What is a GravyWorker?


Which bartending technique is mostly used when we do not want ice in the finished drink?

A. Shaking

B. Straining

C. Blending

D. Scooping

Find the answer at the end!

long island iced tea

The History of the Long Island Iced Tea

Anyone can agree that the mornings after indulging in a couple Long Island Iced Teas are never fun. These wild drinks, while delicious, leave you swearing teetotalism, until the next weekend when you find yourself ordering another. The history of the Long Island Iced Tea is just as bizarre as the drink itself, so before you go and add another to your tab, get to know how this drink came to be.

The Long Island Iced Tea consists of tequila, vodka, triple sec, gin, and rum with a dash of cola. This concoction puts your mothers 5% seltzer to shame amounting a whopping 22% alcohol concentration. Who can we thank- or blame- for this monstrosity of a beverage? Well, it depends who you ask.

History fanatics of the 1920s prohibition era argue the drink came about from Tennessean, Old Man Bishop. The drink fits the time because it could be disguised as its more common sober sister, Iced Tea. Some even argue the alcohol concentration was a product of prohibition society because alcohol flowed less, requiring drinks to be stronger. Old Man Bishop passed the recipe to his son, who polished it up to the version known today.

Others believe this drink originates from none other than Long Island, New York in the ’70s. Bartender, Robert Butt, himself claims that he created the drink for a cocktail-crafting competition, and it instantly gained popularity.

It is uncertain which of these two stories holds true, but down a few and you’ll forget this history lesson anyway!

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Answer to TalentTrivia: B. Straining

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