What is Saucepitality?

What is saucepitality?

Simply put, saucepitality is Gravy’s secret sauce (shout out to sales guy Jeff for the name!). Gravy’s saucepitality is the reason why hotel and restaurant managers love us and why hospitality pros can’t stay off of the Gravy app.

Gravy as able to do a complete redesign of the way that the hospitality industry hires staff.


Because our in-house team of accountants, marketers, developers, and sale’s people is all industry veterans. Before we threw on our suits, we threw on an apron, got behind the dish pit, or cooked delicious food. Actually, every month, our in-house team works a job out in the field so that we always stay true to our restaurant roots.

Side note: Our CEO, Alex Atwood, has a pretty insane story of how he got started. We will save that for another time though.

We get asked all the time why we don’t service jobs for handymen or drivers, and the truth is…we just enjoy being true experts in our services. In the future, if we want to expand into those types of jobs, we’ll make sure to have the expert knowledge and experience, but for now, we’ll stick to what we know. We know hospitality. We love hospitality. We live in saucepitality.

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-The Saucepitality Team