Gravy Work team takes

Gravy Work Team Takes on Meal Pack Challenge

The Gravy Work team and 2,000 other volunteers braved the heat and came together to take on the Meal Pack Challenge yesterday. The goal? Pack 1 million meals for hungry seniors! Shockingly, 1 in 7 seniors live in poverty. Moreover, 13.2 million full-time working adults are classified as low-income. Senior poverty is a real problem in DC and the …

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A message from our

A Message from our CEO on COVID 19

During these uncertain times, we as a company that serve the hospitality industry are focused on ways we can continue to serve.  As the premiere app for staffing hospitality industry, we’re hearing from the valued employees that we recruit and place throughout the industry.  Gravy Work is ready to serve our customers throughout the good …

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Startup of the year

‘Startup of the Year’ in New Orleans Is A Game Changer for New Tech Companies

Startup of the year. A competition to sort out the most innovative start-ups in the country. 1 year long. 100 companies. $100K prize. Phenomenal networking. Fantastic opportunities for the winner. In early March, Gravy went to SXSW to pitch at Start-Up of the Year. The results of the event in and of itself were uncanny …

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COVID 19 statement

COVID-19 Statement from Gravy

The COVID-19 virus has had a heavy impact on the hospitality industry.  Gravy is working with national and local resources to provide alternative employment opportunities to people displaced from the pandemic .   Through our SANISTAFF brand we are working with our customers to provide enhanced cleaning services and staff for public area cleaning.  Meeting this increased demand …

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Startup of the

Startup Of The Year x Gravy

Every year SXSW in Austin, Texas holds a competition for some of the most innovative and exciting startups in the nation. The winner gets the title of Startup of the year and becomes a Startup legend. Who is going to be there? Twenty-five incredible companies of high caliber performance including Gravy! Many of the companies …

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What is sauce

What is Saucepitality?

What is saucepitality? Simply put, saucepitality is Gravy’s secret sauce (shout out to sales guy Jeff for the name!). Gravy’s saucepitality is the reason why hotel and restaurant managers love us and why hospitality pros can’t stay off of the Gravy app. Gravy as able to do a complete redesign of the way that the …

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